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Zenesis DNA


Zenesis DNA I Diamond Saw Blade

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Diameter Blade Type Thickness Diamond H Arbor RPM Coolant Part # Price
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12" -- .125" 25mm 50-60mm 2,300 Wet ZEN1225 $288.00
14" -- .125" 25mm 50-60mm 2,000 Wet ZEN1425 $342.00
16" -- .125" 25mm 50-60mm 1,800 Wet ZEN1625 $408.00
18" -- .140" 25mm 50-60mm 1,600 Wet ZEN1825 $487.00
18" Sasso direct fit .140" 25mm 50mm 1,600 Wet SASZEN1825 $485.00
20" -- .140" 25mm 50-60mm 1,450 Wet ZEN2025 $617.00
24" -- .140" 25mm 50-60mm 1,350 Wet ZEN2425 $892.00

Our Zenesis DNA Series of saw blades are designed specifically for straight cutting of mixed granites. They feature groundbreaking heli”X” water channel & gullet technology that allows for faster slurry evacuation when compared to standard blades. This allows for a longer life as well as a cooler running cutting area. The diamond segment also features Zenesis technology which helps reduce the inherent inefficiencies associated with random (old technology) diamond arrangement. Zenesis diamond technology takes performance to another level by using advanced alignment for the fastest, smoothest, and longest-lasting diamond tools on the market. Conventional diamond tools provide either cutting speed or tool life, but rarely both. With Zenesis, there is no need to compromise. Through the innovation in advanced patterning technology, Zenesis products are the fastest cutting, longest-lasting diamond tools in the world. Sasso users use part # SASZEN1825 for the direct-fit 18” version. No more loose bushing when re-installing the blade.

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