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Hellion R Flush-Cut


Hellion R Flush-Cut Diamond Saw Blade

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Diameter Thickness Diamond H Arbor Max RPM Coolant Part # Price
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4.5" 0.048" 10mm 7/8"-FC 10,500 Dry DEK45R $26.00
5" 0.048" 10mm 7/8"-FC 10,500 Dry DEK5R $28.00
6" 0.056" 10mm 7/8"-FC 6000 Dry DEK6R $33.00
7" 0.064" 10mm 7/8"-FC 8,500 Dry DEK7R $40.00

For cutting UCS, porcelain & ceramics – our Hellion R features a Double-Helix R-Mesh diamond rim. This hyper-diamond technology produces ultra-fast cuts on the hardest materials. Our Hellion R also features a reinforced flush-cut area for safety. This series also comes with a flush-cut adapter, pre-installed. For straight cutting only.

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