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Hellion ES


Hellion ES Diamond Saw Blade

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Diameter Blade Type Thickness Diamond H Arbor RPM Coolant Part # Price
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8" CNC & In-line .080" 10mm 50-60mm 3,800 Wet BRET8ES $143.00
14" -- .128" 15mm 50-60mm 1,910 Wet ES1415 $221.00
16" -- .136" 15mm 50-60mm 1,670 Wet ES1615 $293.00
18" -- .144" 15mm 50-60mm 1,480 Wet ES1815 $397.00
18" Sasso direct fit .144" 15mm 50mm 1,480 Wet SASES1815 $390.00

Our Hellion (ES) Engineered stone blade is designed for straight cutting only of all engineered stone materials. The highly specialized diamond segments have been engineered to resist the premature glazing that occurs when using a granite blade to cut ES. Left unchecked, glazing can affect the accuracy of the blade as well as inconsistent segment/core wear. Which leads to higher amp loads, rough inaccurate cuts & broken/cracked slabs. Switching to a dedicated ES blade will increase the life of your granite blades & resolve/prevent all of the aforementioned issues. You will also notice more accurate cuts and a smoother finish, which reduces handwork & allows you to achieve a better polish faster. SASSO users use part # SASES1815 for the direct fit model. No more loose bushing that falls out every time you re-install the blade.

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