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Hellion 3


Hellion 3 Diamond Saw Blade

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Diameter Blade Type Thickness Diamond H Arbor RPM Coolant Part # Price
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14" Silent Core .120" 10mm 50-60mm 1,900 Wet HEL14SC $245.00
16" Silent Core .128" 10mm 50-60mm 1,600 Wet HEL16SC $334.00
16" Reinforced Core .144" 10mm 50-60mm 1,600 Wet HEL16RCF $335.00
16" Super Hellion .120" 10mm 50-60mm 1,600 Wet HEL16RC $495.00
18" Super Hellion .144" 10mm 50-60mm 1,500 Wet HEL18RC $473.00
20" Silent Core .144" 10mm 50-60mm 1,300 Wet HEL20SC $516.00
20" Super Hellion .144" 10mm 50-60mm 1,300 Wet HEL20RC $473.00

Our Hellion 3 series Ultracompact/Sintered blades are designed specifically for straight cutting & mitering of all UCS & porcelain materials. Available in 3 configurations. Flanged core (Super Hellion), Reinforced flat core & Silent flat core. The Super Hellion is recommended if you would like the most accurate miter cuts possible. It is available in 16”, 18” & 20” only. The Super Hellion flanged core reduces vibrations that cause chipping, while also making more consistent, accurate miter cuts. The reinforced flat core Hellion 3 is also recommended for mitering but does not feature a flanged core. It is available in 16” only. The final option is the Hellion 3 silent flat core. It is for straight cutting only & available in 14”, 16” & 20” diameters. Approved by most UCS/porcelain manufacturers.

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